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Monthly Archives: février 2018

KickStater Bonibel Project

Shooting session ending

Hello everybody, After 9 days of photo shoot, approximately 70 hours of car, boat, walk, shootings, sun, beach, river, rain, wind, waking up, hot sea, cold sea, sunburn, sunscreen … After a total of 3480 photos and around 3 hours of video, we come to the end of the photo sessions and thank Bonibel for his availability and enthusiasm during the sessions, for having supported these long exposures to the burning sun of the Caribbean at the worst hours. We […]

Day 09

Hello backers, Last day of shooting. the previous photo was taken near the cross… Last session in the swimming pool, but rain come back to the party… Blue Emages

Day 08

Hello everybody, we were at a small beach hidden behind sugar canes and melon fields.   Inspired by the place Bonibel returns to his natural instincts cleaning session of the grains of sand … 🙂 Blue Emages

Day 07

Hello everybody, We are going to « La Désirade », a little island near guadeloupe. Let’s drop the swimsuit… Wind, wave, fall or do not fall, that is the question… Blue Emages

Day 06

Hello everybody, An other day in piradise, we go back to the windmill to resume the interrupted session of day 2 but rain joined to the party… Don’t worry, Bonibel is a warrior, under the rain, winds, and cold temperature (25°C under the rain)… 🙂 We were assist by Kaïza (our make up artist) Blue Emages

Day 05

Hello, Lets go to a forest walk. meet a bird on the shoot But sun is very hard… Blue Emages

Day 04

Hello, 2 day with photo on the beach, but before island background. But clouds and rain shortened our session. And sea temperature are always cold… 🙂 Blue Emages

Day 03

Hello, Third day of shooting, First step, the Mangrove House, with his piling way and blinding sun second step, the old slave jail and « oh! tourist visiting the nude Elf » 🙂 Finishing by the beach… 26/27°C a bit cold Bonibel… 🙂 Blue Emages    

Day 02

Hello Everybody, Today is our first outdoor session. We went to the town of Trois-Riviere on a quiet hiking site. Unfortunately all tourists in the area seems to have made an appointment on this hike. We were able to do some photos but all this passage is not conducive to nude photos, we have planned a new trip to this site in the week. Blue Emages

Day 01

Day 01 The only inside shooting of the stay. Waiting for i finish to install equipment Make up preparation Lets start shooting… 🙂 ok, the seat is a bit too small