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Kickstater Bonibel follow project

Project Progress

KickStater Bonibel Project
17th Mar 18

What’s news!

Some news about the project’s progress. With 10 days late on our planning estimates,...
KickStater Bonibel Project
10th Fév 18

Shooting session ending

Hello everybody, After 9 days of photo shoot, approximately 70 hours of car, boat,...
10th Fév 18

Day 09

Hello backers, Last day of shooting. the previous photo was taken near the cross…...
10th Fév 18

Day 08

Hello everybody, we were at a small beach hidden behind sugar canes and melon...
9th Fév 18

Day 07

Hello everybody, We are going to « La Désirade », a little island near guadeloupe. Let’s...
7th Fév 18

Day 06

Hello everybody, An other day in piradise, we go back to the windmill to...
7th Fév 18

Day 05

Hello, Lets go to a forest walk. meet a bird on the shoot But...
5th Fév 18

Day 04

Hello, 2 day with photo on the beach, but before island background. But clouds...
5th Fév 18

Day 03

Hello, Third day of shooting, First step, the Mangrove House, with his piling way...
3rd Fév 18

Day 02

Hello Everybody, Today is our first outdoor session. We went to the town of...
3rd Fév 18

Day 01

Day 01 The only inside shooting of the stay. Waiting for i finish to...
1st Fév 18

In coming flight

Hello everyone, Bonibel are on the flight to coming to Guadeloupe. Shooting start tomorrow...
KickStater Bonibel Project
28th Jan 18

Shooting Starting Soon

Hello everyone, All shooting are scheduled and we waiting for Bonibel the February 1rst...